At Majac Tooling Supply Ltd, our main expertise is in the realm of supplying and distributing cutting tools to a plethora of manufacturing clients. By virtue of our decades of experience, we have an eye for choosing the best products that are efficient, durable, cost-effective, and are a gold standard in the industry. 


Here is a comprehensive list of our cutting tools:


End Mill

This tool is a primary milling cutter used in a variety of operations, mainly to remove excess material from a workpiece. Rotating at high speeds, our end mills can precisely shear off almost any material, making it a useful tool in your milling collection.



Primarily used in threading, this screw-like tool features grooves along the length of its body, which is used to cut similar threads or grooves in nuts, rods or bars. Our highly durable taps are made out of quality high-speed steel, or alternatively carbon tool steel.



Made up of a highly abrasive, corkscrew-like end, this cylindrical tool is mainly used to cut deep holes in solid surfaces. Drills contain multiple-cutting edges which all function simultaneously, leading to precise cuts in a very small fraction of time.


Bandsaw Blades

Our long, metal bandsaw blades are equipped with a bevy of sharp teeth that make short work of any wood or metal that comes in contact with it. Bandsaw blades come in many varieties, primarily regular, hook, and skip, distinguished by their rake angle and spacing between the teeth. 


Carbide Blanks

We not only supply cutting tools but also purvey carbide blanks, which can be fashioned into the cutting tool of your choice. Our wide range includes both flat and round carbide blanks. 



Our high-quality and tough reamers can be used to enlarge holes with extreme precision. Comprising longitudinal cutting edges, reamers function as more of a finishing tool and should be used as such for longevity. 


Industrial Applications


These cutting tools are used to make machine parts in a plethora of industries. Here are some of the key fields which benefit from these tools:


  • Electronics
  • Medical Industry
  • Automotive
  • The Energy Industry
  • Agriculture
  • The Military
  • Aeronautics
  • Lumber And Woodworking


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