Other than our catalogue of cutting tools and related products, Majac Tooling Supply Ltd. also provides miscellaneous equipment that comes in handy during the manufacturing process.


From hand tools to safety gear, we have it all:



Our abrasives are perfect to give your workpieces a polished, refined finish. Made of minerals, they are crucial to give your products that professional, machined look. 


Hand Tools

While automation is all the rage in the manufacturing sector, some manual interference is required from time to time, especially to repair or maintain such complex machinery. Our excellent range of hand tools such as hammers and screwdrivers can help you accomplish this task. 


Precision Measuring Equipment

When it comes to cutting and machining parts, having extremely close-tolerance finishes becomes paramount. To achieve this, precision measuring equipment is used, such as our vernier calipers which can help you determine the exact measurement of a workpiece. 



Working with heavy machinery and cutting tools always carries a certain safety risk for the technicians. To minimize this, you could equip your staff with our robust, high-quality PPE kits consisting of goggles, helmets, gloves, face shields, protective clothing and more. 


Reach out to us for finishing materials, miscellaneous tools, and safety gear that would exceed your expectations.