Another crucial component of any cutting equipment is a toolholder, which holds the cutting tool firmly in place. At Majac Tooling Supply Ltd., we believe in covering all bases, and hence, we also have an expansive collection of tool holders to complement our state-of-the-art cutting tools.


We are proud suppliers of the following components:


Boring Bars

Mainly used to increase the diameter of pre-existing holes, boring bars directly control the cutting tool, including its lateral movement and as well as the size of the actual hole, down to a few micrometres. 


Collet Chucks

Collet Chucks find their application in drilling and lathing, where they securely hold the cutting tool in place. They do this by forming a collar around it, and tightly clamping down on it to reduce dampening and erratic movements during cutting. Our collet chucks can be used on a variety of cutting tools, depending on specifications. 


Drill Chucks

While collet chucks have a more generic function, drill chucks are specifically designed to hold the drilling tool in place. Available in keyed, keyless, or hybrid systems, our efficient drill chucks ensure extreme precision and increased longevity of drilling equipment. 


CAT 40 and CAT 50 Tool Holders

Products from Caterpillar are considered the gold standard in not just heavy machinery, but also in the realm of tool holders. Majac Tooling Supply Ltd. supplies CAT 40 and CAT 50 tool holders, where 40 and 50 imply the size of the taper holder, which is used to firmly secure the tool in place. These tool holder sizes are further verified by Association for Manufacturing Technology, adding to the product’s veracity.


End Mill Holders

For milling, collets might not be enough to prevent spinning of the end mill, especially during heavy operations. To remedy that, we have a collection of robust end mill holders, which is essentially a set screw that not only prevents spinning but also provides more support areas to the end tool. 


Looking for best toolholders to improve your operational efficiency? Contact Majac Tooling Supply Ltd. for a wide range of toolholders and other accessories to support your business.  

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