While cutting tools are our specialty, there is always a need for more versatility and innovation in our range of equipment. To cater to this need, we also distribute an excellent range of indexable cutting tools that accomplish multiple tasks using a single machine.


Our range of indexable cutting tools primarily includes:


Indexable Drills

Be it general drilling, stack drilling, plunge drilling, or any other specific operation, having an indexable drill can be extremely economical and efficient. Our collection of indexable drill bits can be easily replaced so all forms of drilling can be performed at a single workstation.


Indexable End Mills

While a solid end mill remains an industry staple, certain milling operations can benefit by using indexable end mill inserts. This is primarily due to the interchangeable nature of the inserts, as their solid counterparts need to be reground from time to time. Overall, having these tools is crucial for any milling shop or manufacturer. 


Carbide Inserts

More of a raw material used for indexable cutting tools, these tool bits are made of cemented carbide, making them highly resistant to high temperatures. Carbide inserts are also an excellent option to add a more polished finish on metal parts. Moreover, they can be easily replaced or interchanged. Thus, it's an important tool to have in any metal fabrication shop. 


For the best quality indexable tools for your unique projects, we at Majac Tooling Supply Ltd. offer the most optimal, budget-friendly solutions. Reach out to us today to know more.

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