Majac Tooling Supply Ltd. is all about catering to all aspects of cutting and fabrication, which also includes lubrication. As operations like milling, lathing and more involve a lot of friction and generate extreme heat, it is important to use coolants and lubricants to ensure their smooth operation.


As a result, we are also proud distributors of lubricants such as:



Many machine tools have a carriage aspect that moves laterally on a slideway. To ensure minimal friction between these parts, waylubes are extensively used. Other than guaranteeing smooth movements, our waylubes also dampen any undue vibrations that may surface due to contact between the carriage and the slideway.  


Cutting Fluid

Cutting tools often interact with the workpiece at high speeds, leading to extreme heat build-up. To counter this, cutting fluids are used which may be oil-based, gel-based, or even aerosol-based. Our line of cutting fluids also prolongs the life of your cutting tools. 



While cutting fluids are versatile in their functionality, some machines require a specific result, such as reduction of surface temperature without increased lubrication. For such scenarios, our range of coolants will come in handy, which live up to their name by reducing heat build-up. 


Tapping Fluids

Out of many cutting operations, tapping arguably generates the most amount of heat and friction, as threading is a long and complicated process. To ensure smoother operation, tapping fluids are used, which can be considered a more heavy-duty version of cutting fluids. Best tapping fluids are generally viscous in nature and cater to a specific operation. 

To know more about our supply of coolants and lubricants, contact Majac Tooling Supply Ltd. today! 

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